Diving Equipment

minimalist, streamlined, rational.

We believe equipment standardization is one of the pillars of diving because it strengthens teamwork, improving the efficiency and safety of each diver, supports continuous learning and simplifies logistics.
- Portofinodivers team

The use of standard modular diving gear, right from the first training course, eliminates the need to replace equipment as divers progress, allowing them to add any components required for more advanced applications.
Standardisation, minimalism, streamline and modularity make the configuration of the equipment suitable for any environment and the ideal choice for any diver, from the beginner to the most expert.


12 liters "long" @ 232 bar

single connection DIN or INT


back wing design

with quick adjustable harness


long hose configuration

including depth gauge and timer


one-piece in 7 or 5 mm neoprene

with 3mm undersuit, hood, boots and gloves

Long Hose Regulator Configuration for Single Tank Diving

The traditionally configured sport diver uses an 'octopus' regulator setup. Over time, many experienced divers have come to believe this configuration has significant problems even for single tank diving. Key issues are that the backup second stage, on a {36 in | 90 cm} or perhaps { 40 in | 1 m } hose, is annoying to reliably stow, causes unnecessary drag, is difficult and time consuming to deploy, and the hose is often found to be too short in an emergency. Further, it's not unusual for the octopus to be clogged with silt or sand if not stowed carefully.

Today, many experienced divers prefer an alternative configuration to the single tank octopus. Overhead divers use a { 84 in | 2.1 m } hose and sport divers use a { 60 in | 1.5 m } hose for their primary second stage, and put the backup second stage on a short { 22 in | 60 cm } hose hung on a necklace directly below their chin. In an emergency the primary second stage is donated with one hand while the backup is instantly available as a replacement using the other hand.

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