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Are you considering exploring the planet of dry diving ? In less than a day at our center you will discover the comfort of diving in a drysuit, broaden your diving horizons and improve the quality of your dives !

Why is the drysuit increasingly popular among scuba divers?

bare drysuits

At our latitudes, and more generally throughout the Mediterranean Sea, it is now commonplace to consider the drysuit an essential component of equipment for enjoying diving during the colder months. Yet, more and more divers are discovering the pleasure of drysuit diving even during the summer. In addition to the many advantages that the drysuit provides compared to the wetsuit, this trend is due to the use, by the main manufacturers, of increasingly lighter and more flexible materials, together with the constant search for the ideal fit and the development of more practical and indispensable accessories. The result is a continuous improvement of the product in terms of mobility and simplicity of use, both on the surface and underwater. Many of the divers who try the drysuit decide to buy it, a circumstance that was less common in past years.

Why should I consider drysuit diving ?

The drysuit extends the diving season, expands the dive sites range, and opens up new diving horizons.
Being isolated from the water allows you to enjoy your favorite dive sites in total comfort even during the winter, to explore submerged environments you had never considered, such as lakes and rivers, even at altitude, deep coral forests and wrecks, submerged caves and flooded mines. And if that's still not enough for you, what do you think about extending the duration of your dives without fearing the cold, and perhaps going deeper, beyond the thermocline, to discover the universe of technical diving ?

Being cold while diving reduces the diver's fun and awareness, exposing him to unnecessary risks. Furthermore, the cold amplifies the narcotic effects of the gases and increases the risk of experiencing symptoms of oxygen toxicity and decompression sickness.

What should I know for a successful drysuit test ?

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While the elasticity of wet suits allows to fit a wide range of people in one size, dry suits must fit perfectly, to ensure optimal watertightness, to allow adequate comfort and proper mobility.

Carrying out a drysuit test allows you to

  • experience a dry dive;
  • learn the basics techniques for safe and fun use;
  • identify the model best suited for your needs;
  • determine the right size.

To prevent undesirable experiences, before scheduling a drysuit test or a full training course, you need to make sure that drysuits in your size are available, the same goes for the undersuit. We invite you to download the measurements instructions sheet and our drysuit measurements form to fill out and send by email .

Why should I choose Portofino Divers to discover drysuit diving ?

We believe the drysuit is not simply a matter of thermal insulation, it's part of a diving philosophy, it is an element for an alternative and modern way of diving, for a safer and more conscious approach to scuba. The drysuit is not just a daily work tool for us, it is an essential component of our dives.
Our experience allows us to offer effective and short-term training programs, and to guide friends and customers towards the best purchase.
Portofino Divers is the reference point for all those divers who wish to experience the thrill of drysuit diving, for those who want to feel immediately comfortable and for those looking for a specialty course to pursuit the Dry Suit Diver certification.

Book your drysuit experience !

What type of drysuits are used for testing and training ?

We offer a limited selection of brands and trilaminate models because they are the ones whose quality we have personally verified over time. The reliability of these products has been demonstrated through their daily use.
The drysuits we supply for in-water tests (Discover Drysuit Diving) and training (GUE Drysuit primer and PADI Dry Suit diver course), are the top of the range models manufactured by BARE, Canadian company with a branch in Malta, leader in the production of drysuits for over 50 years.

Dive dry. Book your drysuit course !

Which drysuit models do you sell and how much do they cost?

We have selected three models from those present in the BARE catalogue, all available in men's and women's versions.

Special deals for those who wish to purchase a new drysuit in combination with the training dive or certification course.The VAT refund procedure applies to purchases made by individuals resident outside the EU.

BARE X-Mission Evolution drysuit

The X-Mission Evolution is considered among the top of the range models, it incorporates all the main desirable features in a wetsuit: comfort, lightness and reliability. Our price is €2650 including 22% VAT. Accessories such as pee-valve, dry gloves and quick replacement systems for neck and wrist seals are not included.

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BARE HD2 Tech drysuit

The Expedition HD2 Tech Dry model is the tough version of the X-Mission as it is made with an even more robust trilaminate fabric with a higher weight. The result is a drysuit that is extremely resistant to punctures and abrasions, but capable of maintaining uncompromising comfort. It represents the ideal choice for those willing to give up lightness for maximum wear resistance. Our price is €2690 including 22% VAT.

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BARE Aqua Trek Evo drysuit

The new Aqua Trek Evo is the drysuit designed for the traveler and for those who do not make intense use of it. This is a high-end suit in terms of fit, crafted from an incomparably lightweight material. The weight of the men's size M is below 4 kilos. In this case, lightness is at the expense of wear resistance, therefore it is the suitable choice for those who dive mainly from the boat, for those who are approaching the dry suit for the first time and for those looking for a back-up wetsuit. Our price is €1590 including 22% VAT.

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