Education and Exploration program

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Tech Diving Education and Exploration program

Portofino Divers offers a perfect mix of education and exploration to all GUE students willing to combine a GUE tech 1, tech 2 or tech 60 course, with a week of experience to discover some of the most impressive shipwrecks of the North Mediterranean Sea.

Exclusive GUE student benefits

  • This program gives Tech 1 and Tech 60 student the unique chance of a post-secondary learning activities, but also provides newly certified diver with the opportunity to dive with other like minded divers to gain the essential experience to safely carry out technical dives at any level.
  • In the same way, Wreck Weeks are also the best approach for experienced Tech 1 divers to get prepared for a Tech 2 course.
  • Last but not least, this combination probably offers GUE student the most cost-effective way to perform advanced wreck dives in the ocean, with the support of a fully equipped facility and a professional dive operator.

Wreck Week - Tech student package

750 instead of € 890

  • € 650 without accommodation
Wreck Weeks details

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