Wreck Weeks 2017

All-inclusive technical diving packages

Join us for 6 days of wreck diving safari to explore some of the most beautiful shipwrecks off the Ligurian coast.

This year our renewed technical wreck diving package celebrates its 7th editon with seven scheduled weeks, special offers for those who wish to combine the Wreck Week with a GUE Tech1, Tech 60 or Tech2 course and dedicated rates for rebreather divers.
- Portofinodivers team

Tech diver packages

The Tech1 / Normoxic Trimix Diver package includes:

  • Six wreck dive trips in the 35 / 60 meters range
  • 100' maximum run-time
  • Six nights accommodation*
  • All gas refills (GUE standard mixes)
  • Double-12lt tank rental with bottom gas
  • Al80 tank rental with Nitrox50
  • Drysuit inflation tank rental
  • Diving center facilities

* Extra nights available on request.

The Tech2 / Full Trimix diver upgrade includes:

  • Extra Al80 tank rental with bottom gas
  • Extra Al40 tank rental with oxygen
  • Trimix 15/55 where suitable
  • 150' maximum run-time

The Closed-Circuit Diver package includes:

  • Six wreck dive trips in the 35-60 meters range
  • 150' maximum run-time
  • All gas refills (GUE standard mixes)*
  • Six nights accommodation**
  • One Al80 bailout tank rental with Nitrox50 (one for the whole week)***
  • Drysuit inflation tank rental
  • Diving center facilities

* Considering a CCR set of 2 x 3 liters tanks (oxygen and diluent)
** Extra nights available on request
*** Extra tank for deep bailout available on request


Tech1 Diver


  • €890 with accommodation

Tech2 Diver

60 surcharge per dive

  • Extend your bottom time

CCR Diver


  • €690 with accommodation

Wreck Weeks program

Ship name / Type min - max depth Standard mix
German U-boat chaser
30 - 36 21/35
German U-boat chaser
45 - 57 18/45
Italian armed cargo
40 - 57 18/45
36 - 80 18/45
German U-boat chaser
45 - 65 18/45
Italian cargo
48 - 60 18/45

The package includes one morning wreck dive per day. On request it is also possible to join a diving trip to the Portofino National Marine Reserve in the afternoon.

The standard Wreck Week package includes 6 nights accommodation in the comfortable guesthouse dedicated exclusively to our diving customers which is located just above the dive center, on the harbor of Santa Margherita Ligure, a few steps away from the boarding dock, beaches, bars, restaurants and any kind of shops.

The guesthouse has 3 double rooms which share one large main bathroom and a secondary one at the ground floor.
This solution also allows to forget the car for the whole duration of the holiday and to optimize the time and the logistics by reducing down-times.
There is a small kitchen which can be used by our guests to prepare their favorite breakfast or quick snacks. 

Each additional night costs 30€ per person in a double room or 45€ in a single room.

2017 Planned Wreck Weeks

The planned Wrecks Weeks are ideal for a single or a small groups of tech divers, for those has not a regular dive buddy or a dive group and wants to dive with some like minded divers. It is also a good choice for newly certified tech divers wishing to gain experience.

1 - 6 May

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Limited availability

5 - 10 June

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Full availability

3 - 8 July

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Limited availability

7 - 12 August

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Limited availability

4 - 9 September

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Full availability

2 - 7 October

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Full availability

Custom dates are available on request for a minimum of 4 divers.
Feel free to contact us to organize your made to measure Wreck Week