PADI Tec courses


Tec Diving training

Portofino Divers is considered a reference for the training and practice of technical diving. The PADI Tec courses are held by our most experienced instructors, passionate explorers and expert of the Ligurian Sea.

PADI Tec courses

PADI Tec 40

This course refines and expands the skills learned in recreational courses by integrating them with the essential knowledge and abilities required for technical diving.

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PADI Tec 45

The PADI Tec 45 course is designed to allow the Tec 40 certified diver to gradually progress in training for more complex and advanced decompression dives.

PADI Tec 50

The PADI Tec 50 program defines the foundation for deep diving with longer bottom times and extended decompressions using multiple mixes.

PADI Tec Basics

An optional and additional training to be acquainted with technical diving equipment and refine fundamental skills before moving on to the Tec 40 course.

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Good training is essential to create a solid foundation where experience and attitude will help to continuously improve the skills of the diver.

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Tech Diving

Explore pristine reefs and deep wrecks

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