Reef Restoration Project Portofino

Equipment configuration

We believe in standardization as one of the pillars that should be the basis of every diving activity because it facilitates collaboration between members of a team, improving the efficiency and safety of each diver, it also supports continuous learning and simplifies logistics.

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Scuba divers in Portofino

Why Portofino Divers ?

Since 2002 Portofino Divers offers quality and professionalism to those who wish to discover the marvelous reefs and the stunning shipwrecks off the Ligurian coast. We are the dive center with more years of experience operating in the Gulf of Tigullio.

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GUE Divers with DPV

DPV Diving

Portofino Divers offers to all owners of underwater vehicles to fully enjoy the full potentials of this equipment component which add a lot of fun and safety to the dives.

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