Why Portofino Divers ?

Ten reasons to choose us !

1. Experience

Since 2002 Portofino Divers offers quality and professionalism to those who wish to discover the marvelous reefs and the stunning shipwrecks off the Ligurian coast. We are the dive center with more years of experience operating in the Gulf of Tigullio. Our experience, combined with the passion for our work and the incessant desire to improve the quality of our services, allow us to satisfy any need while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Our first diving boat
Our first diving boat (2002)

2. Philosophy

By limiting to a few units the number of divers we welcome to each dive trip, we are able to offer a more personal dive experience and to be more attentive to the needs of each diver. We are proud to be the smallest and the most exclusive dive operator in Portofino with the intent to meet the requirements of the most demanding divers, both beginners and experts, who wish to stay away from crowds.

A very personal dive experience
A very personal dive experience

3. Boat

Our boat is modern, fast, safe, spacious and is equipped with every comfort. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of both most demanding divers, recreational and technical. Although it can comfortably carry more than 25 passengers, we limit to 10 the maximum number of divers per tour in order to offer the maximum levels of comfort, safety and fun to all participants.

Our new luxury diving boat
Our new luxury diving boat

4. Staff

Our staff is composed exclusively of experienced professionals who have made scuba diving a lifestyle choice. We do not entrust our clients to non-professional guides and instructors, ie those who exercise mainly during the weekends or to those who offer work in exchange of courses and dives.

Portofino Divers staff
We do not think we are the best, but our goal is to be part of them

5. Passion

Diving is not just a profession for us, it takes up a large part of our free time. We are attracted by every sort of scuba diving. We love relaxing and shallow dives, but our favorite is to have a goal when we dive: we prefer diving for scientific purposes, to participate in biology and archeology projects, as well as exploring caves and shipwrecks. We like to pass on this passion to all those who dive with us.

Black coral in Pantelleria © Portofino Divers
Our staff is involved in several scientific diving projects

6. Comfort

We are committed to provide safer, more relaxing and longer dives within the level of comfort and experience of each participants. We are not in a hurry to get back to the harbor because we leave plenty of time between an excursion and the next one. Once again, we renounce the quantity in favor of quality.

Diving in Portofino with Portofino Divers
Our effort is to provide the best enjoyment and satisfaction to all our guests

7. Conservation

The conservation of the environment has always been part of our DNA. We are constantly involved in cleanup dives and monitoring projects in collaboration with the marine protected area of Portofino and the Ligurian authorities. Diving with Portofino Divers also means supporting these initiatives and contributing to the protection of our sea.

Cleanup diving project in Portofino
Our mission: protect and conserve

8. Equipment

We provide our customers with the most modern and advanced equipment, tuned by our instructors to ensure optimal comfort and operation. We choose only the flagship products of the most prestigious brands, those used by the best explorers in the most challenging diving conditions: HALCYON for the buoyancy compensator devices, APEKS for the regulators, SUUNTO for the diving computers, CRESSI -SUB for everything concerning wetsuit diving and DUI for dry suits.

Halcyon Diving Equipment test center
We choose only the best diving equipment for us and for our guests

9. Training

Portofino Divers is a premier GUE diving center in Italy. GUE is internationally recognized for the quality of the courses it offers, for the excellence of its instructors and its members:

GUE diving courses
We offer any level of GUE scuba diving courses

10. Progression

To the most mindful divers, who want to gain proper experience, we offer the opportunity to improve their skills through practice with more experienced divers. It is a source of great satisfaction for our team to be a reference for many fans who return to us from all over the world not only with the desire to enjoy the beauty of our reefs and wrecks, but also to improve their diving skills.

Scuba divers in Portofino
Looking forward to dive with you !

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