Equipment configuration

Why do we provide equipment according to GUE standards ?

Reef Restoration Project Portofino

We believe in standardization as one of the pillars of scuba diving because it facilitates collaboration between members of a team, improving the efficiency and safety of each diver, it also supports continuous learning and simplifies logistics.

In addition to standardization, another feature that distinguishes the GUE configuration of equipment is modularity. In fact, the use of a modular equipment system from the first diving course removes the need for gear replacement as divers progress, allowing them to add components as required for advanced applications. From day one, our students will practice in equipment configurations used by leading explorers.

Reef Restoration Project Portofino

Minimalism, hydrodynamics and modularity make the GUE configuration suitable for any environment and the ideal tool for any diver, from the novice to the most extreme explorer.

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