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The Portofino Marine Reserve and the shallow wrecks off the Ligurian coast

Portofino is an all-year-round diving location.
Depending on the season, water temperature hovers between 12-14°C December through March and 24-26 °C during July-September, enabling you to enjoy a wonderful diving experience in calm seas with little wind. At times, though, you might experience variable conditions, but diving is still going to be memorable.
- Portofinodivers team

Your Portofino diving adventure awaits

Portofino Marine Park

More than 20 dive-spots including reefs, walls and wrecks suitable for both beginners and experienced divers.


Christ of the abyss

The great and famous statue of the Christ is among the most popular dive-sites in the Mediterranean sea.



The wreck of this Canadian freighter is lying on the seabed in Cala del Inglesi between 20 and 40 meters.


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JORN wreck

The wreck of a small cargo ship sunk off Sestri Levante during the Second World War. It lies in 30m of depth.


Uj2207 wreck

This German submarine chaser wreck lies off the coast of Sestri Levante and is suitable for experienced divers.



The wreck of an Italian Navy tugboat sits in upright position on sandy bottom at about 40 meters of depth.


DPV Dives

For experienced divers only.

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