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GUE Fundamentals
and PADI Tec Basics

Refine your basic diving skills

Tec 40 - Tec 45 - Tec 50

The Way the World Learn Tech Diving

Technical Diving

Mixed Gas Diving, Decompression Procedures, Advanced Equipment Management.




Scuba diving classes in Portofino

PADI dive resort. GUE training facility.

Portofino Divers offers recreational, advanced and technical diving courses through training programs that give students the key to becoming safe and competent divers, capable of fully enjoying the exhilarating experience of diving at any level.

PADI courses

The entire range of scuba diving courses for beginners and certified divers.

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PADI Tec courses

Discover the new PADI training programs for technical diving. Experienced divers only.

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The classroom sessions are designed to develop the student's level of knowledge and awareness which are essential elements for a safer and more enjoyable diving activity.

GUE courses

GUE Fundamentals and primer courses

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Most Popular Courses

Enrty-level course
PADI Scuba Diver

Learn to dive with an instructor at the maximum depth of 12 meters and get the international PADI certification

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Advanced training for
diving skills refinement

The GUE Fundamentals course provides all divers with an opportunity to advance basic diving skills

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Specialty course
PADI Nitrox Diver

Learn to extend bottom times by safely adding oxygen to your breathing mix.

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Specialty course
PADI Wreck Diver

Learn the basic techniques to explore the wrecks safely and discover the historic ships sunk off Portofino

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