GUE Instructor Development Center

Recreational Courses

Building up Basic Skills, Buoyancy, Trim and Propulsion techniques.

Scuba Diving Courses in Portofino, Italy

GUE Instructor Development Center & PADI dive resort

Portofino Divers offers recreational, advanced and technical diving courses through training programs that give students the key to becoming safe and competent divers, capable of fully enjoying the exhilarating experience of diving at any level.

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Recreational diving

GUE Fundamentals and recreational diving courses for beginners, experienced divers and instructors


Technical diving

Trimix and rebreather training programs


The classroom sessions are designed to develop the student's level of knowledge and awareness which are essential elements for a safer and more enjoyable diving activity.

What our students say

Very interesting course. Instructor very precise, professional and attentive. Very helpful to the needs of the students, always timely and accurate information at all. Perfect instructor in the classroom and in diving.

GUE student Q.C.form 2015

I want to thanks one more time to Bruno Borelli for the professional attitude during the class. The instructor was fair and honest enough at his assessment towards the students' skills and abilities. These were the most useful dives in my diving experience till now. The course surpassed my expectations completely. I hope that I would be able to take part in future GUE trainings soon.

GUE student Q.C.form 2015

I have an instructor. For me he's my hero. Not because he is the great guy who tells me how good I am. He is the one who keeps me on my feet. Listen - I have 4 children and - I could kill myself doing what I do. But this guy might not be the best friend on the planet - but he teaches me how to dive properly and not die. Now - that's an other approach. I have 4 kids - I owe them to find the best teacher on the planet to do what we do. And I found that in Bruno Borelli - period. I don't need an other friend - I need a good dive center and the best dive instructor. I owe it to my kids.

GUE student fb public post Nov.2016

Excellent course instructor trained, very professional and able to convey his passion for diving to students. Exceptional diving center. A course that will always remember with pleasure!

GUE student Q.C.form 2013

Bruno is a superb instructor. really professional (and absolutely cool in the water) but also really friendly. he had a good way to incourage us to success; from this prospective he exceeded my expectation. All in all a great course, and i will strongly recommend him to other students.

GUE student Quality Check form 2013

I really enjoied my Tech1 course. Our instructor, Bruno Borelli, transmitted us his passion for excellence, turning our Tech1 into an experience more than barely a course. Congratulations to all the GUE staff for the training material and for brining up this new great way of diving, Thanks to all of you

GUE student Q.C.form 2014

Bruno wrote "I met outstanding divers and special people from whom I got inspiration for my students to transfer to the same values with the same passion.". Yes, he got it ! Values, passion, safety. Difficult to explain..but i'm really proud to have made this course.

GUE student Q.C.form 2014

I would recommend Bruno Borelli as instructor to others because very professional and capable. Course well done and instructor very friendly. Very good logistics

GUE student Q.C.form 2014

Bruno managed to not only bring the course material across in a clear and easily understandable manner, he continuously added large volumes of his own personal experience to the subjects at hand - be it theoretical or practical parts of the course. Although it has been the most intense and hardest course I've ever done, it's also been the most enjoyable one, in great parts thanks to Bruno.

GUE student Q.C.form 2013

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