Morning 2-Tank Dive

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Two Guided Dives in the Portofino marine protected area

What Is Included :

2 boat dives

Dive guide

Tanks and weights

marine park entrance fee

Only for certified divers

Check-in time 8:00 am

departure time 8:30-8:45 am

duration approx. 4 hours

expected return to port around 12:30

from May through October

Tour carried out on a daily basis

depth range 15-20 meters

surface interval time between dives : 50 - 60 min.

Tour description

Join our team to discover two of the most fascinating dive sites in the Portofino marine protected area, over 20 dive spots await you, including the underwater statue of the Christ of the Abyss. Most of our guided dives are suitable for any level of experience. Beginners and experienced divers can enjoy a wide-ranging of Mediterranean flora and fauna within a few meters below the surface.

Our policy, aimed at quality rather than quantity, allows us to be more attentive to customer care and to reach the highest standards of comfort and safety, both underwater and on board our spacious and fast vessel. We welcome a maximum of 10 participants per boat trip and provide a naturalistic dive guide for every 5-6 divers.

The appointment is at 8:00 in our dive base, the departure is between 8:30 and 8:45. The two dives have a duration of about 45-50 minutes each and are separated by a surface interval of the same length. During the break between dives, the boat moves to another dive site, while our staff replaces empty tanks with full ones and serves water and snacks to guests. The return to the harbour is expected at around 12:30.

Rates per person
Guided 2-tank dive Price
1 to 2 divers €130
3 to 4 divers €125
5 to 7 divers €120
8 to 10 divers €115

10% discount
for 3 or more consecutive days of diving

Young Diver Discount


Guided 2-tank dive €110*

*special rate not subject to other promotions or discounts.

Autonomous Diving

(Dive guide NOT provided)

Autonomous 2-tank dive €95 *

* One free ticket every 5 paying divers.

Are you a group of expert divers looking for autonomous dives ?

Rental equipment

Dive trip price includes tanks and weights.

Rental prices per day  
Full Scuba Diving Equipment (BCD, Regs, Wetsuit, Boots, Mask, Fins) €45
Scuba kit (BCD & Regs) €30
Wetsuit, Boots & Hood €20
BCD €15
Regulators €20
Mask € 5
Fins € 5
Dive computer €10

Special offers on rental equipment are available for multiple days of diving:
10% discounts for 2 days
20% for 3 or more days

Diving equipment rental costs will be charged on site.

Single tank Nitrox32 €12,5
Twin-set Nitrox32 €25

Participants must:

  • be certified Open Water Diver or equivalent;
  • be in good mental and physical fitness to dive (medical certificate NOT required);

To get the most out of your dives, we recommend to all divers who have not been diving for over a year, in particular those with little experience, to attend a Scuba Refresher program before to get back into diving. You can enroll in a refresher class with your local dive center, or book a session with us as part of your stay.

We recommend to check with your doctor, on an annual basis, that you are in good medical fitness to dive. The purpose of the Diving Medical Questionnaire is to find out if you need to be examined by a physician before participating in a dive trip or in a diving course. If there is a positive answer on the questionnaire you should participate in scuba diving activities only if you are signed off by a physician to be fit to dive. Although not required, divers with more than 50 years are advised to bring the questionnaire signed by their doctor, or a medical certificate of good health, not older than a year.

Check-in / What to bring

Check-in time 8:00 am.
(departure 8:30-8:45 am)

Please make sure to be at 8:00 at the following address:

via Jacopo Ruffini, 47
Santa Margherita Ligure

In order to save you time at your arrival, we recommend to provide your diving credentials at least one day before your scheduled dives. You will find the link to our online check-in form in the booking confirmation email that you will receive once the reservation is completed.

What to bring:

  • Your Scuba Diving certification card
  • Swimsuit, towel and flip-flops
  • Remedies for seasickness
Terms and Conditions


Dive sites are selected by taking into account the preferences and the level of experience of our guests.
For any request, please use the "note" field in the booking form and remind it to our staff when you check-in.
Whilst Portofino Divers makes every effort, we cannot guarantee diving at specific sites.
The dive guides and captain will have the final decision about which dive sites to visit to ensure that the guests, staff and boat's safety is not compromised in any way.


It is responsibility of our underwater naturalistic guides

  • to assist divers in the preparation and dressing of equipment;
  • to ensure the safest and most comfortable diving experience possible;
  • to follow underwater itineraries and ideal dive profiles that take into account the sea conditions, the skill level of the participants and their consumption;
  • to enhance the peculiarities of the Portofino National Parks through environmental education;
  • to preserve ecosystems by making sure that divers do not touch the seabed and marine organisms;
  • to help novice divers choose the right amount of ballast.

Although our guides are prepared to anticipate dangerous situations and to act in case of emergency, it is not their responsibility to look after divers who are visibly uncomfortable from having participated in carelessly held training courses and/or following a long period of inactivity. To those who believe that they do not have the minimum skills necessary to participate in an easy guided group dive, in the range of 15-20 meters depth, and therefore could represent a problem for themselves and for others, we strongly recommend that they participate in a refresher program before taking part in open water boat dives.


Securing a reservation with your payment means you accept the terms and conditions of our Cancellation Policy below:

  • Cancellation received with more than 14 days notice: full refund less online payment provider fee (4,5% max).
  • Cancellation received between 14 and 2 days before the scheduled check-in time: 50% refund of the amount paid or full refund (100%) in the form of a diving voucher valid for one year.
  • Cancellation received less than 48 hours before the scheduled check-in time or no-show: no-refunds.
  • In the unfortunate event that boat tours and scuba diving activities are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseeable changes caused by Portofino Divers: full refund (100%) of the amount paid for the cancelled services.

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Dive Guide
NOT provided

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