Portofino Marine Park

National Marine Reserve

Every day our boat leaves the small harbor of Santa Margherita Ligure at 9:00 to make one or two guided dives in the Portofino Marine Park. The meeting is between 8:00 and 8:30 at the dive base to check-in and to prepare equipments. Depending on requests we often organize an afternoon trip at 14:30.
Reservation required.

Name Portofino
Type of diving reefs and shipwrecks
Dive sites more then 20
Minimum depth 5 mt
Maximum depth 40 mt
Current No
Minimum water temperature 13°/14° January - March
Maximum water temperature 24°/25° July - September
Visibility 15-20 meters avarage

Most of the dive spots are suitable for both beginners and experienced divers

Few places in the Mediterranean can boast such a spectacular concentration of life forms

The ideal place for underwater photographers and video operators

The dives inside the protected marine area take place at designated sites established by the Portofino park authority; to these, we add the value of our extensive knowledge of the area, in order to take you on alternative and less frequented itineraries, that offer up a wealth of surprises.
- Portofinodivers team

Dive sites

  • Faro di Portofino
  • Chiesa di San Giorgio
  • La liscia
  • Casa del sindaco
  • Punta Vessinaro
  • Altare
  • Cala degli Inglesi
  • Il diamante
  • Testa del Leone
  • Scoglio del Raviolo
  • Targa di Gonzatti
  • Secca Carega
  • Colombara
  • Dragone
  • Punta dell'Indiano
  • Punta Torretta
  • Grotta dell'eremita
  • Punta Bussego
  • Punta targhetta
  • Punta Chiappa
  • Secca dell'Isulea
Dardanus calidus
Octopus vulgaris
Sciaena umbra
Parablennius tentacularis
Serranus cabrilla
Serranus scriba
Palinurus elephas
Muraena helena
Cratena peregrina
Octopus vulgaris
Felimare picta
Cratena peregrina
Conger conger
Epinephelus marginatus
Flabellina baibai
Scorpena scrofa
Corallium rubrum

Guided dives in the marine park

Sun fishes in Portofino

The promontory of Portofino has always been considered a unique oasis in the Mediterranean, by virtue of the beauty and richness of the organisms that inhabit it; a fact chiefly attributable to the singular geography and conformation of the area.

amp Portofino

Stretching out into the Ligurian Sea, a broad and unusually shaped coastline intercepts currents and favors ample concentration of nutrients. Marvelous coves and atypical rock conglomerates offer thousands of species an ideal environment to live and reproduce.
Few places in the Mediterranean can boast such a spectacular concentration of life forms, and to preserve these treasures the area has been designated a Marine Park.

Beginners and experienced divers alike can enjoy more than 20 diverse dive spots featuring reefs, walls and shipwrecks.

Our guided dive trips are dedicated to certified divers. Non-divers or beginners willing to dive the Christ of the Abyss and the Portofino Marine Reserve can participate to an introduction to scuba diving with a professional instructor. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program takes half day, it includes a lecture on diving basic procedures, a training dive from the shore, equipment rental and one experience dive by boat at a maximum depth of 12 meters.
Discover Scuba Diving