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Premier GUE Dive Center in Portofino - Italy
Il faro della punta di Portofino

Premier GUE Dive Center in the Italian Riviera, Liguria, Italy

Portofino Divers - a dedicated dive center for those who seek the finest - was set up with the aim of offering a premier quality service to those who are interested in diving the Portofino National Marine Reserve and wrecks off western coast of Liguria.

We are the more exclusive diving facility in Italy operating only one comfortable boat and a fully equipped dive shop. Our philosophy is to provide an exclusive and unique service for the discriminanting diver looking to get away from the crowds, for those seeking small dive groups and a very personal dive experience.

courtesy of Jurghen Froelich

We like to think of ourselves as a small club, rather than a diving center, a meeting place for enthusiasts, the ideal choice for single divers, couples or small groups of friends looking to dive some of the most exciting sites in the Mediterranean sea, with all the convenience and peace of mind of having a fully-equipped facility at their disposal.

To more closely answer the specific needs of individual divers, we only accommodate a limited number of people each day, by reducing both the number of divers per trip as well as the total number of dive trips per day.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a quality dive experience with maximum 8 divers per boat, 4 divers per instructor or divemaster, to garantee the highest standards of comfort before, during and after the dive. 
What's more, we insist on the same level of training and/or experience for all those taking part in a dive team, in order to optimise the choice of dive site and assure a safe, extensive and enjoyable dive for all.

All dive trips are led by local instructors who have in-depth knowledge of the different habitats of the Portofino promontory and are dedicated custodians of its treasures.
No matter the distance and time it takes to get there, Susanna and Bruno will focus on taking you the very best dive sites and the many surprising wrecks Portofino has to offer.

Portofino Divers is a GUE member and corporate sponsor.